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About Locomotive

Written By DifAfif on Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011 | 02.06

The locomotive is part of a series of trains where there is a machine to move the train. Usually located at the front of the locomotive railway circuit. The operator of locomotive called a machinist. Engineer to run trains on orders from the central controller train trip through signals located at the edge of rail lines.

Based on the engine, the locomotive is divided into : 

1.Steam locomotive. The forerunner of a train engine.The steam generated from heating the water which is    located in the boiler steam is used to drive a piston or turbine and selanjutkan transmitted to the wheels. Usually of wood fuel or coal fuel.

2. Diesel mechanical locomotives. Using a diesel engine as a source of energy which is then transferred to the wheels via a mechanical transmission. This locomotive is usually small and very rare-powered because of the   limitations of transmission capacity to be able to transfer mechanical power.

3. Diesel electric locomotives. Locomotive is the most populated. Diesel engines are used to turn a generator to obtain electric energy. Electricity is used to drive large electric motors that directly drive the wheels.

4. Diesel hydraulic locomotives. This locomotive uses a diesel engine power to pump oil and further supplied    to the hydraulic device to drive the wheels. This locomotive diesel electric locomotive is not as popular because of maintenance and the possibility of major problems.

5. Electric locomotive. The locomotive is the second most popular after diesel electric locomotives. The principle works similar to diesel electric locomotives, but does not generate its own power. Electricity is obtained from transmission cables above the railway line. Locomotive range is limited only to track the available energy supplies electricity transmission network.

Configuring the drive axis of the locomotiveThis type of locomotive is based on the configuration axis / axle locomotives: 

1. code B means a locomotive with a 2 wheel drive or Bo-Bo
Steam Locomotive eg Year 1898: Series B Bristol

2. C code that is a locomotive with 3 wheel drive or Co-CoSteam Locomotive eg Year 1905: Series C Birmingham
3. BB code means locomotives bergandar 2 2 penggerakada finished with four wheels or axles having 8 wheels. Steam Locomotive eg Year 1920: Series BB Manchester
4. CC code means locomotives bergandar 3 3 so there are 6 total driving axle or has 12 wheels.Steam Locomotive Year eg 1930: Manchester CC Series
5. D code bergandar 4 locomotive means a locomotive of this type typically have only a single axle so total there are 4 driving axles by the number of wheels 8. Steam Locomotive eg Year 1954: Series D54 Leipzig Krupp.

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