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Contoh Pidato Sumpah Pemuda ( dalam Bahasa Inggris)

Written By DifAfif on Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011 | 02.31


Assallamu alikum Wr. wb.

The Youth and Ladies of the blessed, Seventy-nine-year period and is suata long journey for a generation of people when it was, October 28, 1928 ago, Indonesian youths and various groups gathered in Jakarta, said a determination in the pledge an oath known as the youth .

Today, we all come back to celebrate the historic Youth Pledge Day / Youth Day. This shows that as a great nation always appreciates and respects the service and sacrifice of the fighters in achieving and upholding the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

State youth and sports ministry has set the theme of youth oath anniversary 79th this year is "Improving the solidarity, integrity, and professionalism of the youth towards a prosperous and dignified nation.

The theme thus implies that Indonesian youth who have the spirit of solidarity is a young man who was able to grow the social empathy to feel the suffering of others and have the ability to share.

For that I am thankful, let us offer our prayer presence of God, God Almighty, that we all, especially the younger generation given the spiritual and physical strength in the continuing struggle to build the nation to realize the life of a better future.

Ceremony participants who I respect, Every-day we commemorate the historic day, we need to remember for a moment, how great is the struggle of the predecessors, the fighters dalamn enforce the nation's independence had been achieved during that struggle, conducted in an integrated compact between the people with all the forces that there. Their struggle is not about time, their struggle can not be assessed, because without considering property or family. They just want to reach a goal of independence.

Youth Pledge in 1928 was a decision born of various discussions and long talks youth Indonesia at that time, which is the forerunner of the founding of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, the youth as future leaders and agents of the future must be able to understand and appreciate the depth of the meaning of the oath youth.

Youth must be the spearhead and pioneer journey of this nation, and must be capable of undertaking the reforms anyway. We do not get stuck in phase opposition and discussion that is actually not necessary that only waste energy and effort.

Future challenges increasingly heavy and complex. The era of free trade and investment have been before us. The era of globalization and information technology that requires a reliable quality of human resources separately won the nation's increasingly sharp competition.

Therefore, in commemorating the Youth Pledge Day / Youth Day is let us increase the spirit of national unity, moral nation, also demanded an increase in the nation's human resources discipline, independent and professional with a mastery of science and technology and skills.

In line with this, I took an oath warning through the momentum of this young man we make as a trigger of our shared passion to constantly improve the unity and integrity of the nation to increase the participation and support for development in favor of the interests of the nation's youth as the next generation.

With the participation of all parties and supported by the view - a visionary outlook on youth and kedewesaannya in thinking the more the public interest, state and nation. The Youth and Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome So that I can convey, may Allah, the Almighty God always gives His guidance and petujuk to All of us.

Hope can useful... hehe
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