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History Of Baturraden (Amazing tourist attractions)

Written By DifAfif on Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011 | 19.50

Baturraden derived from two words namely Batur which in Javanese means servant, friend, or Prince of the language also means Lord. The story of Baturraden there are two versions. That version of the Duchy Kutaliman & version Sheikh Maulana Maghribi
Duchy Kutaliman version.

In Hundreds of years ago supposedly there is a Duchy which is located 10 Km South West Baturraden. Adipatinya have some girls & a gamel (helpers who keep horses). One of her daughters fell in love with gamel. Their love-sembuyi done secretly.

After hearing the news, that his daughter fell in love with the maid, the Duke of anger & expel gamel & daughter of the house. Diperjalanan she gave birth to a baby near a river, then they called the river Kaliputra. (Kali means River & Son means son). It lies approximately 3 km north Kutaliman.

Finally they found a beautiful place, & decided to stay in place. Based on the first version Baturaden name should be written with two "R" because this version comes from the word "Batur" & "Prince" to "Baturraden".

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi version

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi was a cleric. He was a Prince of the Turks.

One day after dawn, he saw a mysterious glowing cahay adjacent to the Southeast. He wanted to know where the mysterious light coming & what it means. He decided to find out. And he was accompanied by his best friend, Datuk Haji. & Workers. They sailed toward the direction of arrival of the mysterious light.

Then after Sheikh Maulana Maghribi until the Coast Gresik,
The mysterious light appears next to the West, & finally they reached the coast of Java Pemalang Tangah. In this place He asked his workers to go home.

Meanwhile, he was accompanied by Datuk Haji to continue his journey
by foot towards South direction while spreading the religion of Islam.

Then Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Cahayana live in Banjar.
He hit the ground itch serious and difficult to cure.
After prayers Tahajud.dia gets inspiration that he has to go to Mount Gora.

After up on the slopes of Gunung Datuk Haji Gora He asks to leave it & wait for the smoldering place.
It turns out there is the hot springs & Sheikh Maulana Maghribi call
"Shower Pitu", which means a source of hot water which has seven springs.

Every day, Sheikh Maulana Maghribi bathe regularly in place,
so he was cured of the itch.

People around the call of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi as "Mbah Top Wind"
because He came from a distant country.

And Sheikh Maulana Maghribi called Datuk Haji Rusuhudi (In the Java language means Batur Fair or Assistant Faithful).
The place is known by a single "R" and named "Baturaden".
Since Sheikh Maulana Maghribi cured of itching & secure dilereng
Gora mountain.

He subsequently changed the name of Mount Gora became Mount Slamet.
Slamet in Javanese means safe. The place where Sheikh Maulana Maghribi recover considered sacred by the people around.

Many people from Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, & Pekalongan visit the place on Tuesday & Friday Kliwon Kliwon.
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