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Story Folk Indonesian (Origin of The Cianjur Town)

Written By DifAfif on Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011 | 19.34

That said, in an area in West Java, around the area Cianjur, there lived a wealthy man. His net worth includes all the fields and fields that exist in the village. Residents only became farm laborers who worked the fields and fields rich man. Unfortunately, with his wealth, he becomes a very difficult person to help, do not want to give things a bit, so that people around him call him Mr. miser. Kikirnya so, even against her son though.

Beyond the knowledge of his father, the son of Mr. miser who behave kindly often help people who need help.

One of the customs in the area was held shower, in the hope that the harvest in the next season will be better than the previous harvest. Because of sheer fear, sir stingy throw a party by inviting its neighbors.

Neighbors are invited Mr. miser hoping to get a meal and a pleasant drink. 

However, they could only  stroke when meals are provided only perfunctory Pak stingy course, with an insufficient number of so many invitations that can not enjoy the banquet. Among them are some who complain, "Invite guests to come to the party, but not sufficient jamuannya! really stingy person ". Some even pray that is not good to Mr. stingy because kekikirannya it.

In the midst of the feast, there came an elderly grandmother, who immediately asked for alms to Mr. stingy."Sir, give me alms of this abundant treasure master," the grandmother said haltingly. Instead of giving, miserly Mr. grandmother was even rebuked by saying outrageous, and even drove them away.

By holding a very deep hurt, the grandmother finally left the party held Mr. stingy. Meanwhile, because the behavior could not bear to watch his father, the son of Mr. stingy take food and wrap it. Then furtively he follows her grandmother until the end of the village. The food is handed to the grandmother.

Getting food so hoped for, the nenekpun eat it with gusto. Finished eating, he thanked me and pray for the child to be a miser Pak people living with glory. Then he continued his journey until it was in one of the main hill near the village.

From the top of the hill, he saw only one of the greatest houses and stately homes Pak is stingy. Given what happened before, then grandma's anger came back, he again said a prayer for Mr. greedy and stingy miser who's got rewarded. Then he stuck a stick that had been brought, to the ground where he stood, then the removal of the stick again. Bizarre, from where the stick ditancapkannya tersbut then mencarlah water needs in an increasingly large and numerous, and flows right into the village of Pak stingy.

Witnessed the arrival of the water like a flood, some villagers who happened to be close to each other shouting bukitpun remind villagers shouted, "Flood!"

The villagers then became frantic, and mutual berserabutan thither. There are soon to take the treasure it has, there is an immediate search for and invite relatives to secure themselves. Seeing the panic, the children immediately urged the miserly Mr. residents to leave their homes. "Go away villages, fled into the hills safe" he ordered. He told residents to leave all their possessions and livestock fields to prefer the safety of their souls.

Meanwhile, Mr. miser who is very fond of his wealth would not just go to the hill, as recommended by his son.In thinking that what he has to menyelematkannya. He did not want to go, despite the rising water and drown all that is in the village. Her invitation to go immediately rewarded with a shout and swear that was not pleasant to hear. Finally, Mr. miser left his father's son who could not be persuaded again.

Residents who survived was grieving a lost village meliaht tub flood water is swallowed. But they were grateful to be alive. Then together they find a safe place to live. Of his services, Mr. Kikirpun children became their new leader.

With its new leader led, residents agreed to divide the land in these new areas for cultivation respectively. Son of Mr. Kikirpun teach them how to plant rice and rice which is then used as working on these fields. Residents always follow the recommendation of their leader, so that the area was later named the village of Recommendation.

The village which later developed into a small town even this came to be known as the City of Cianjur.
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