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Report Text - Hurricanes

Written By DifAfif on Jumat, 30 September 2011 | 01.52

Assalamu'alaikum D.A Friend
Yeaah .. this time Mas Afif want Sharing about the report text, with title is hurricanes. please your attention..

Hurricanes destroy everything that comes in their path. They uproot trees, smash house, wreck ships, lift cars, leaving nothing intact. They are formed near the Equator when the water temperature is about 27 degrees celcius. Clouds and strong winds are formed when warm, moist air rises up in spiral to a great forms.

As the air cools, rain height. The wind strrenght can even reach 320 km.p.h. The worst areas for hurricanes are the Carribean, the Atlantic and parts of the Pasific Ocean.

Thus, the Pasific Ocean is not really "pasific". In fact, it goes its name from a portuguese navigator, Magellan, in 1520. After passing a strait he found himself in huge, calm ocean, a "pasific" ocean. That was what he named it. However, as we know, the calmness was only an illusion !

Okay, D.A friend, that's all.. I hope this articles can be useful..

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